Our Rhythm

Our daily rhythm is adapted to the needs of the current group dynamic, and will change and morph with the seasons and the growth of the children. By respecting the anchor points of rest and digestion the child is able to establish greater confidence in exploring and interacting more with the world because of the firm footing predictable rhythm provides.


Morning Session

Between 8:45-9:00 am students are gently transitioned into the new day with their friends. The day begins with open play outdoors followed by circle time where we greet one another, sing songs, and share in laughter. We continue this joy-filled connection as we transition to a communal snack. The morning session ends with a Movement Adventure which may focus on exploring the kinesphere through creative movement, yoga stretches, or an age-appropriate game which encourages cooperation and the ability to share and take turns.


Digestion & Rest

Our communal lunch is as much about the preparation as it is about the delicious meals we partake. Children transition into this activity by washing their hands in warm, soapy water and helping to set the table. Familiar and new foods are presented over the course of the year knowing that young children may need anywhere from 5-15 different exposures before liking a new food. Everyone then has a chance in taking part of the domestic tasks that make our space beautiful. Nap/Quiet time begins when each child's face has been washed with warm lavender water and wiped with individual face cloths. A story or song is given as a gentle lullaby to dreamland.


afternoon session

Each day, after waking from nap the children get involved in an activity that continues to engage the mind after a much needed rest. Sometimes we head outside to play while we delight in the surrounding changes caused by the new position of the sun. Other days socio-dramatic play, storytelling, or puppetry is featured. In addition, there are afternoons when we also do meaningful work that gives back to our small community such as sorting & folding laundry, baking, making soup,  gardening, arts & crafts, or a myriad range of interesting creative and homemaking tasks.